Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Funny or Not Funny?

It seems that some people have a hard time discerning what constitutes appropriate joke material and what does not.  So for all you Hunger Games fans - this is the transcender version of Katniss and Peeta's game, "Real or Not Real."  I call it "Funny or Not Funny."  If you feel confused about what is a joke that's actually funny and what is a joke that's not funny because it hurts people, please freely consult this handy guide.

"Funny or Not Funny" is a very simple game.  Things that are funny are things that are funny because they're just... funny, like kittens falling asleep while they're doing something else.  That's very funny.

Ellen Degeneres making fun of things like Go-gurt and toilet paper?  Also funny.

This video of a baby cracking up about ripping paper?

Funniest thing ever.

Jokes at the expense of gender non-conforming folks, or jokes at the expense of gay folks, or jokes at the expense of differently-abled folks or racist jokes?  Not funny (and for the record, they're not "edgy" either).

Making fun of men who like to wear dresses?  Not funny.

Using "retarded" as a synonym for unpleasant things or to denigrate others?  Really not funny.

Making racist jokes or using racist caricatures to get cheap shock-value laughs?  Not. Funny. Ever.

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